Video Release - "I'm Stronger"
The making of the video “I’m Stronger” wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some really talented people. To this day I have to say its one of the proudest things that I have done. There were so many talented people from the director (Tony Di Cicco) the makeup artist (Liz Tyler) and all the crew and players that came out to support the project. Jim and Doug Jones two really talented and creative guys who really helped me a lot on this video. At the end you’ll see a clip of our dear friend Ron LaRiviere, he was such a supporter of mine, I don’t think he missed coming out to any event that I sang at, such a little treasure he’s sadly missed by everyone a great friend to all. The whole day was so much fun!!!. Again thank you to everyone who helped. Life can be funny you never know when your in a good time till it’s gone.

You were the treasure in my hand
You were the one who always stood beside me
So unaware I foolishly believed
That you would always be there
But then there came a day
And I turned my head and you slipped away

If I had only known
It was my last night by your side
I'd pray a miracle would stop the dawn
And when you'd smile at me
I would look into your eyes
And make sure you know my love
For you goes on and on
If I had only known
If I had only known
The love I would've shown If I had only known