Diane singing:
Can't Make Me Love You


Diane singing:
When We Where Young


Diane singing:
Winter's Night


Diane singing:
At Last


Diane singing:
All of Me


Diane singing:
I Dreamed a Dream


Diane singing:

Diane releases a new single !
It's a Miracle
What people are saying ...
"Diane has one of those rare voices, like Linda Ronstadt! She's got great expression, range and dynamics. And she's got the kind of voice I like to listen to!
Additionally, this song is mixed very nicely. It is not "overproduced" with TOO MUCH stuff in it. It's got just enough, and each part stands on it's own. I love the opening violin, and then the sparse phrases by the dobro. And then I was pleasantly surprised by the sax!
I think you've got a winner. A Hit! "

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