This operatically inspired Toronto native grew up in a close-knit family of Scottish heritage. Being one of three sisters, she cherishes fond memories at cousin John’s knee while he played his guitar and sang in the family room. Those many lazy Sunday afternoons were filled with song and laughter. Diane began performing at family functions at the early age of five and spent hours fascinated by melodies heard over the airwaves. Throughout her teen and school years, Diane actively participated in musical theatre and performed in a number of bands. such as pop, rhythm & blues and theatre.

She has received numerous awards and accolades stemming from her sterling appearances at many open singing contests and competitions in the early years. Diane’s euphonious bloodlines wind their way back even further to her ancestral home in Scotland. Her vocal prowess at singing contests enabled her to follow those roots when she won all-expenses paid trip overseas courtesy of Guinness Labatt’s, which won her a memorable award prize of a trip back to her heritage with a visit to Scotland, England and Ireland. more ...